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Janet Krane - 2-Nov-2006 - Katrina's Jewish Voices

Janet Krane, an administrator at the Cancer Center of Memorial Hospital and a former hospital COO, was interviewed by Rosalind Hinton on November 2, 2006.  Raised a Southern Baptist, she married a Jewish doctor and has three children.  After moving to New Orleans in 1984, she became very involved in the Jewish community and converted.  The interview focuses on her experience staying in the Tenet-owned Memorial Hospital after the hurricane hit, and the gross failure of outside help needed to evacuate.  She describes, in harrowing detail, the conditions shared by the two thousand people who remained in the hospital for four days in 106 degree heat and without power.  She was able to return to New Orleans immediately, escorted by Tenet-hired DynCorp soldiers, though her husband relocated to Houston for a year.  She also comments on the controversy surrounding Memorial Hospital, three of whose doctors were accused of euthanizing patients whom they were unable to evacuate.  The interview concludes with her reflections on the importance of family and community and her hopes for rebuilding New Orleans.

This oral historoy was conducted by Rosalind Hinton for a joint project by the Jewish Women's Archive partnered with the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL) to capture the voices and experiences of members of the Jewish communities of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast communities during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. For more information, see

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Jewish Women's Archive - Katrina's Jewish Voices
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